Analysis of activities and future outlook

What are the main activities that characterise a given occupation, now and in the future? A relevant activity profile ensures that training is both of high-quality and closely correlated with working realities. Since new VET ordinances came into effect in 2004, SFIVET has been providing support through activities and professional development analysis. This analysis is being undertaken in collaboration with professionals in the occupations concerned and is being implemented through workshops based on the SFIVET approach, as adapted and applied to over 40 different occupations.


Our services include the following:

  • Activity analysis: definition of current activities relating to a given occupation or occupational field (operational competences), grouped so as to establish a activity profile.
  • Analysis of future prospects: description of the development of the given occupational field with regard to technological, economic, environmental and social aspects. Identification of those activities that will remain important in the future (operational competences).