Augmented reality and hypervideo combined

This project is mainly intended to ascertain whether a combination of hypervideo and augmented reality effectively improves procedural learning in vocational education and training. Analysis will first focus on the expected benefits of each tool and then on their actual impact on learning and motivation.

iot industry 4.0 concept, industrial engineer (blurred) using smart glasses with augmented mixed with virtual reality technology to monitoring machine in real time.Smart factory use Automation robot arm
Adobe Stock / Monopoly919

Hypervideo is a technology that allows users to interact with video content. It includes traditional playback options (e.g. pause, play, rewind and fastforward) as well as more innovative features such as indexes and chapters, interactive points providing access to more in-depth material, quizzes for self-assessment of learning progress and text annotation for personal or collaborative use. This technology has been extensively analysed over the years and has already proven effective in vocational education and training.