Bilingual teaching of LCS subjects in VET programmes now a lot easier with the ‘Society’ workbook

The bilingual ‘Society’ textbook now comes with a ‘Society’ workbook. These two learning aids provide a useful basis for the bilingual teaching of language, communication and society (LCS) subjects at vocational schools.

bili im ABU

The new bilingual ‘Society’ workbook covers the same topics as those found in the ‘Society’ textbook, which was produced in 2018. Examples include ‘Money and Consuming’, ‘Risk and Security’ or ‘Global Challenges’, just to name a few. The ‘Society’ workbook was designed with the latest didactic trends in mind, specifically bilingual instruction in this case. The new workbook features illustrations, vocabulary lists, creative content and a well-structured, logical progression.

Published by hep Verlag, the ‘Society’ workbook contains a full range of exercises for oral expression as well as links to video content. It is also designed in such a way as to enable differentiated learning: there are follow-up questions for fast learners who wish to delve more deeply into the exercises. Vocabulary lists can also be personalised. Language learning is also supported by various means to accommodate different learning styles. The ‘Society’ workbook comes with an online version containing useful tips and direct links to online content.

SFIVET, PHZH, PHLU (Ed.): Irene Althaus, Simone Ries: Society Workbook. hep Verlag, Bern 2019. ISBN 978-3-0355-1138-3