Renewable Energy Skill Development (RESD)

This project in Indonesia funded by the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs SECO aims to help address the shortage of qualified workers in the renewable energy sector.

Renewable energy

SFUVET complements the technical expertise of the four participating universities of applied sciences (see document under further information) and ensure that the training is provided in accordance with Switzerland's pedagogical and didactic quality requirements. In addition, SFUVET will support the project team in organising public events in Switzerland. In this way, SFUVET is helping to strengthen renewable energies in Indonesia and create more and better jobs in this sector.

Project summary

The RESD project intends to assist the Indonesian formal and non-formal vocational education system to improve their capacities in the provision of high-quality vocational education and training at various levels and in close relation to labour market needs.


4,5 years from 2021 – mid 2025

Project aims

The overall objective of this project is to enable competent design, planning, installation, operation and maintenance of RE plants through the availability of qualified staff relevant to labour market needs.

The desired outcomes are:

  1. Support of the development of a formal, multidisciplinary Renewable Energy specialization program taught at selected polytechnics (D4 program at IQF level 6)
  2. Support the development of non-formal training modules developed based on the D4 specialization program (short courses up to IQF level 6 – 7)
  3. Support the formation of knowledge exchange, awareness and provision of information within the RE sector in general, and the HRD aspects in particular

SFUVET expertise

Quality assurance of vocational and continuing training


The project is implemented by BPSDM of MoEMR and a number of Indonesian Polytechnics, GFA and consortium partners, and sub-contracted Swiss Universities of Applied Sciences.