Understanding the Swiss VET system from the inside

The aim of this course is to provide an insight into the functioning of Swiss Vocational Education and Training (VET) with a particular focus on initial VET.

The Swiss dual model is based on a partnership between representatives of the state and the world of work. On the one hand, the public authorities (Confederation and cantons), which coordinate and monitor the system, organise teaching in vocational schools and provide part of the funding. On the other hand, private bodies (companies and professional associations) which decide on the content of training courses and examinations, offer apprenticeships and finance part of the system.

After being introduced to the Swiss VET/PET system, the aim of this course is to enable participants to interact directly with the key players of Swiss VET/PET success, in order to understand the roles of each within this complex constellation of players. To this end, participants will visit various sites accompanied by experts from the Swiss vocational training sector.

Course details

Date & Format

No date has yet been set for this course.

The format of this course includes numerous visits  which will take place in the canton of Bern.


English with a minimum level of B2


The learning opportunities of this course allow to develop the following competences:

  • Having an overview of the Swiss VET system;

  • Knowing all the key actors for Swiss success;

  • Understanding how Swiss VET operates, including experiencing the reality of apprenticeships;

  • Reflecting on the possibilities of adaptation. 

Target Group

The course is open to anyone wishing to become familiar with the Swiss Vocational Education and Training (VET) system.


Each participant will receive a certificate of participation if s/he accomplishes at least 80 percent presence. 

A 90-hour certificate is also possible for participants who wish to do so. To obtain this certificate, the participant must complete a written assignment coordinated by the Senior Lecturer.



The cost of the course is CHF 900*

In order to obtain the 90-hour certificate, an additional CHF 300 is required for a total of CHF 1200.


*Costs cover course preparation, implementation, certificates and training materials. Furthermore study visits within the programme of the course. Cost of travel between the participant's home country and the course venue and accommodation is not included.


Conditions for participation

After successful registration candidates will receive a confirmation and an invoice issued by SFUVET. Participation is guaranteed after full payment of the fees. Cancellation of participation 30 days or more prior to the start date of the course: No penalty. For cancellation 30 days or less prior to the start date of the course 100 percent of the course price is due.