Making career dreams come true

Technological change is progressing at a rapid pace and requires all workers and companies to develop new skills and competencies. This is also opening up new areas of employment and career opportunities. A new joint project by leading Swiss universities and SFUVET aims to create a platform where people can enter their personal skills and career aspirations. They will then be matched with the perfect continuing education and training and job opportunities.

Group picture Innosuisse

A consortium from the areas of marketplace architecture, education and training, motivation design and behavioural science is using artificial intelligence in the development of the platform to ensure optimal performance. The synergy between vocational education and training and technological expertise aims to promote the development of future-oriented occupational skills. Professional associations also play a key role as intermediaries within the consortium as part of project implementation. Prof. Dr. Antje Barabasch from SFUVET will lead a sub-project on the definition of concepts for basic and continuing training in Swiss companies. The flagship project will commence its activities February 2022 as the ‘Swiss Circular Economy of Skills and Competences’ (SCESC) and aims to “enable millions of people to determine their own career paths and make their dreams come true.”