Digi-Care project: Digital transmission of clinical information in nursing

Based on observations in hospitals, researchers analysed the impact that digitalisation has had on the transmission of clinical patient information in nursing. Which digital competencies need to be acquired? Can IT solutions and their usability be improved? A multimedia prototype and various learning situations were then developed for the initial and continuous training of nurses, and suggestions for optimised digital workflows were made. The prototypes and learning situations are freely accessible on the project website.

A nurse with a tablet computer talks to an elderly patient in hospital.
Adobe Stock/Gorodenkoff

Digitalisation is changing the way care teams communicate and share knowledge. This project was designed to shed light on how digital devices and clinical information systems affect the way patient care information is shared among care teams. This is a top priority when it comes to ensuring continuity of patient care and avoiding errors in treatment. Implications for nurses’ competency requirements were highlighted and IT-related events that may be considered dissatisfying from a technological point of view were documented.

Nurses comment on their work situations

The starting point was an ethnographic study in six in six hospital departments in Italian- and German-speaking Switzerland where nurses were accompanied and filmed during their work (job shadowing). The nurses were then invited to comment on video footage (showed to them) to get ahold of the nurses’ own perception of their performed activities. Based on their descriptions and the collected video material, researchers identified typical situations of digital information transfer as well as IT-related events that had a negative impact on this processSubsequently, these situations were validated with nurses involved in the study, nursing and IT managers of the hospitals and training managers. On this basis, researchers developed a multimedia prototype consisting of immersive and interactive 360° videos on the subject of shift handover and text-based learning situations for learning important digital skills for the initial and continuous training of nurses. In addition, the research team developed mock-ups of possible technical solutions to enhance IT usability and digital processes. The prototypes and learning situations were validated in workshops with individuals from nursing, education and informatics.

Developed prototypes and learning situations are freely available

On the project website, you can access the multimedia prototype on the topic of handover and the text-based learning situations. You will also find two IT mock-ups: a digitised individual nursing worklist on mobile devices as a replacement for paper, and a digitised pre-operative checklist. Two further IT events were presented at the level of optimisable workflows.

Interactive Image with clickable areasMultimedia prototypeLearning situationsIT Mock-up 1 - Digitalised nursing worklistIT Mock-up 2 - Digitalised preoperative checklistDescripton of IT use cases