International Relations at the Global Human Resource Forum in Seoul

At the Global Human Resource Forum in Seoul, international relations experts discussed transversal competencies.

Expert intervention in front of an audience

Nearly a decade ago, the Korean Research Institute for VET (KRIVET) and SFUVET signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). On the basis of this agreement and at the invitation of the President of KRIVET, who visited us in Switzerland a few months ago, the SFUVET international relations team was invited to give a presentation at the Global Human Resource Forum in Seoul.

The theme of this year's Global Human Resource Forum was "New Wave: Talent Revolution in the Era of AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Big Blur (the blurring of boundaries between various professions and competence profiles, education, and the workforce)."

During his presentation, Emanuel Wüthrich, Senior Advisor of International Relations, addressed the question of what young people need to thrive in these challenging times. He explained the connection between resilience, a positive self-concept, and transversal competencies, which are also rooted in strengthening self-esteem, self-confidence, and self-awareness. These competencies can be enhanced through a holistic approach (involving the mind, hands, and heart), a context-based learning approach, and a respectful pedagogical interaction between teachers and learners.