Keynote Marina Fiori: New Directions in Research on Emotional Intelligence

At the end of August 2022, research scholars, teachers, trainers, and educators gathered in Palermo, Italy, for the 8th edition of the International Congress on Emotional Intelligence. This congress takes place every two years in different cities around the world and is co-organized by the International Society for Emotional Intelligence, a non-profit organization that promotes the advancement of theory, research, and professional practice in the domain of emotional intelligence.

ICEI 2022 Palermo: Marina Fiori, Maroussia Nicolet-dit-Félix, Christelle Gillioz
LTR: Prof. Dr. Marina Fiori, Maroussia Nicolet-Dit-Félix and Dr. Christelle Gillioz

Prof. Marina Fiori and her research team, which includes Dr. Christelle Gillioz and Maroussia Nicolet-Dit-Félix, participated with a symposium in which they presented the latest findings of the project financed by the Swiss National Science Foundation on the emotional hypersensitivity associated with emotional intelligence (EI).

In addition, Prof. Fiori also gave a keynote address in which she presented the latest advancements in theory and research on EI, which include the introduction of a new EI component that accounts for how high EI individuals process emotion information, and new insights about what makes them different from individuals not high on EI.

The congress resumed after three years of pause due to the pandemic and featured a list of keynote speakers of the caliber of Prof. John Mayer, co-developer of the original theorization of EI, Prof. Marc Brackett, Director of the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence, and Prof. Vittorio Gallese, who contributed to the discovery of mirror neurons.