Leadership programme for Singapore business and education leaders

As part of a leadership programme for Singapor, SFUVET gave Singaporean education leaders an insight into the cutting edge of Swiss VET.

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In order to get the private sector more on board and make it possible for those responsible for education to experience the dual system, study visits have been planned during 2023 with leaders from the business and education sectors in Switzerland and Germany.

As part of this planning, SFUVET had the honour of organising a week-long study visit which included a tour of the various Swiss VET partners.

The main objective of the visit was to get a practical understanding of the functioning, pedagogy and culture of Swiss VET. In this way, Singaporean education leaders gained a real high-level experience of Swiss culture, economy and education.

SFUVET thanks Nanyang Polytechnic's (NYP) and the National Center of Excellence for Workplace Learning (NACE) for their trust and looks forward to continuing this wonderful collaboration.