‘n47e8’ concept at BLZT shows: Self-directed learning increases motivation

In 2018, the Bildungszentrum Limmattal (BZLT) introduced the pedagogical concept 'n47e8' for the first time with learners undergoing logistics training. This pedagogical concept meaningfully combines competence-based training with individualisation and the experience of self-efficacy in digital and physical learning environments. SFUVET provided scientific guidance to the BLZT and conducted a comparative analysis of the learning outcomes of n47e8-based classes and conventional ones.

Portrait of modern carpenters working at woodworking factory, focus on young woman smiling at camera in foreground, copy space
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As a competence centre for logistics and technology, the Limmattal Training Centre offers formal upper-secondary level vocational education and training (VET) and tertiary-level professional education as well as non-formal continuing education and training (CET). It also runs occupation-specific innovation projects. The over 1,200 people enrolled are expected to take responsibility for both their own learning and their future careers. This is the Limmattal Education Centre’s pedagogical and didactical credo and is also a guiding principle in the development of various teaching methods and learning tools.