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New partnerships in Australia and New Zealand

At the "Future of Apprenticeships" conferences in Melbourne, Australia, on 5–7 February, and in Auckland, New Zealand, on 9–10 February 2023, a Memorandum of Understanding was signed between the Global Apprenticeship Networks GAN Global, GAN Australia and GAN New Zealand together with Movetia and SFUVET.

Erik Swars an der Future Of Apprenticeships

More than 150 participants at the “Future of Apprenticeships” conferences discussed current challenges in VET and explored opportunities for VET exchange and potential partnerships.

Erik Swars, SFUVET head of international relations, took part in several panels and presented the Swiss dual system and the role of SFUVET. Antje Barabasch, SFUVET head of research area, currently staying in New Zealand for a research project, gave an appreciation of the VET-system in New Zealand from a Swiss perspective.

As a concrete result, two cooperation projects with RMIT University and the International Specialized Skills Institute in Melbourne will be implemented by SFUVET this year.

Representatives of Movetia, Technische Berufsschule Zürich and SFUVET were part of the Swiss delegation. The conferences were organized jointly by GAN Global, GAN Australia, GAN New Zealand, Movetia and SFUVET.

GAN Australia