Report on the work of apprentice advisers

On behalf of the canton of Vaud, SFUVET researchers have studied how apprentice advisers supported apprentices with social and personal issues. The report highlights the challenges apprentice advisers face and how support provision can be improved. It also sets out measures, such as harmonised collaboration with apprenticeship inspectors and VET schools as well as more extensive information about the role of apprentice advisers.

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Apprentices in the canton of Vaud can seek support from apprentice advisers if they face health (mental or physical) issues, interpersonal, financial or family problems or precarious situations. The advisers play an intermediary and supportive role vis-à-vis apprentices and VET trainers, particularly in situations where the continuation of training is at risk. This report, available in French « Bilan sur le travail des conseillères et conseillers aux apprenti-e-s » complements a previous study assessing the work of apprenticeship inspectors responsible for the supervision and support of VET programmes to ensure high-quality practical training, especially at host companies. A short summary of the report has also been published in German: «Bestandsaufnahme der Arbeit der Lernendenberater:innen (CAPP)».