Retrospective on the 2023 course Basis of vocational pedagogy

Fourteen participants of the Hong Kong Institute for Vocational Education participated in the one week-course "Basis of vocational pedagogy” in Switzerland which took place from 08 to 12 May 2023.

Participants holding their certificate

This year's course was designed for a group of participants from he Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education. Tailored specifically to their needs, the course provided them with valuable insights into the Swiss dual system with a focus on situated vocational education and training (VET), competence-based assessment and higher VET (Professional Education Training). 

The participants had the opportunity to visit important stakeholders of Swiss vocational education and training such as Bobst, Suissetec (training center & professional association), TEKO (Higher VET School) and EPFL.  Among other things, the visits highlighted the importance of the three learning locations as an integral part of the Swiss VET landscape. Participants were also able to see for themselves how strongly industry is involved, how cooperation works, and they were able to experience the growing importance of digital tools in education and training.

«It was great to be here, we had a fantastic learning experience. I was impressed by the good cooperation with the industry and the positive learning attitude of the apprentices»
Jacky Fung Wen

The international team of SFUVET expresses their gratitude to the Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education for their participation and looks forward to future opportunities for collaboration.