Should IQ be supplemented by emotional intelligence?

We all know what Intellectual Quotient, or IQ, means. It was more than a century ago that the first intelligence test was introduced in France, and since then the concept of IQ has spread around the world to become one of the most desired qualities to possess, for example in a potential mating partner. And yet, many things have changed since the introduction of IQ: life expectancy has increased considerably, improved conditions for living have led to an outstanding surge in world population, industrialization and technological innovation have significantly impacted the way we work, interact with others, and live on a daily basis. Despite this, the definition of IQ and the way to measure it h

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Prof. Dr. Marina Fiori (SFUVET) and Prof. Dr. Elsbeth Stern (ETH) have debated about whether the traditional concept of IQ should be supplemented by that of emotional intelligence on the debate section of the SNF magazine Horizons. Both researchers have taken a clear position on this - with different results. In this debate Marina Fiori encourages to consider new ways in which individuals can be intelligent in the 21st century. How individuals use emotions and emotion information as a support for thinking and behavior, also known as Emotional Intelligence, is proposed as one of them.