Teaching in two languages

As a competence centre for bilingual instruction, SFIVET’s Basic Training Division included bilingual didactics for the first time in its vocational teacher training programme in 2019/20. This specialisation addresses a need for foreign language skills on the labour market, where workers need to become increasingly mobile. Learning how to teach in two languages also improves the employment prospects of future graduates of our teacher training programme.

SFIVET competence centre for bilingual instruction: We love what we do
Blaise Jan

Bilingual instruction is based on the principle of ‘learning the language by using the language’. Those enrolled in SVIET’s vocational teacher training programme learn exactly how to apply this principle in the classroom. Following successful pilots in the German- and French-speaking regions of Switzerland, SFIVET decided to include an optional module on bilingual instruction in the vocational teacher training programme at the Zollikofen campus in the 2019/20 academic year and include this module in the teacher training programmes at the Lugano and Renens campuses in the 2020/21 academic year.

Die Integration von bili in die Diplomstudiengänge der Ausbildung ergänzt die bestehenden bili-Produkte der Weiterbildung am EHB. Hier wurden seit 2016 über 10 schulinterne Lehrgänge organisiert und mehr als 150 Lehrpersonen in bili-Didaktik nachqualifiziert.