What do apprentices and higher vocational students in social care do after their training?

The Observatory for Vocational Education and Training (OBS EHB) has examined the educational and career trajectories of female and male apprentices and students at higher vocational schools in the social sector. They were originally interviewed at the end of their training. Now the results of the second round of surveys with 1750 respondents are available.

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The results show that 80% of respondents are working in the social sector one and a half years after graduation. The results also indicate how they assess their current professional situation and where they see themselves in five to ten years. The survey is part of a multi-part career study that was carried out on behalf of the umbrella organisation of the Social Affairs Working Environment SAVOIRSOCIAL. The aim of the study is to gain in-depth knowledge about the training and career paths of individual occupational groups in social work, including lateral entrants and those who have left the labour market.