Nicole Meier represents Swiss Employers Association

The Swiss Observatory for Vocational Education and Training (OBS SFIVET) wishes to welcome to the OBS SFIVET Advisory Board Ms Nicole Meier, who is both Head of the Education and Training Section and a member of the Executive Board of the Swiss Employers Association.

Foto Nicole Meier
Confederation of Swiss Employers

Nicole Meier combines expertise in economic issues with expertise in vocational education and training and activities within associations. She replaces Jürg Zellweger, who has represented the interests of Swiss employers since the body was first established in 2016.
Jürg Zellweger will remain a member of the OBS EHB Advisory Board, however, representing the interests of the Swiss Insurance Industry Association (VBV) as Director.

The OBS SFIVET Advisory Board is comprised of representatives of professional organisations, cantonal and federal authorities and the research community. It meets once per year in Zollikofen, to examine current and planned OBS SFIVET projects and to discuss developments and challenges relating to vocational education and training.

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