Early termination of apprenticeship contracts with or without subsequent enrolment in another VET programme

Early termination of apprenticeship contracts place young people at considerable risk of ultimately remaining without any upper-secondary level qualifications. So far, there has been no reliable statistical information concerning the extent of early termination of apprenticeship contracts at the national level.

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This is because each canton has its own ratio calculation practices. Now that the new 13-digit social security number has been introduced, the Federal Statistical Office (FSO) intends to analyse cases of early termination of apprenticeship contracts within the VET sector. The aim is to establish a basis enabling dropout and re-enrolment ratios to be calculated at regular intervals. Based on current literature and existing practices, a ratio calculation concept and corresponding recommendations on national standards will be developed. The second step will be to calculate dropout ratios for two-year VET programmes (first year of training: 2011) for each canton (and possibly also for industries and occupations) and re-enrolment ratios.


Review of current literature on the calculation of dropout and re-enrolment ratios, quantitative analysis of data from Swiss education statistics.