Expert study «professional education and training»

The Swiss Science and Technology Council (SSTC) asked the Swiss Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training SFIVET to conduct an expert study to analyse and assess the Swiss professional education and training sector (PET, ISCED 5B).

Rido / Fotolia

The aim of this study is to gain an overview of the Swiss PET landscape, which includes self-study and preparatory courses for two federal PET examinations (i.e. the Federal PET Diploma Examination and the Advanced Federal PET Diploma Examination) as well as degree programmes at PET colleges. The expert report will cover the following topics: overview of the Swiss PET sector and its development over time, the legal basis for the PET sector, funding of the PET sector, the various actors involved (public and private training providers) as well as permeability between the Swiss PET sector (ISCED 5B) and the Swiss higher education sector (ISCED 5A).


Analysis of documents, survey (questionnaire survey, qualitative interviews) of actors within the Swiss PET sector.