Project is a project intended to promote creation of interactive videos using small pieces of footage, in order to foster learning.

SFUVET is based on the results obtained with Scuolavisione, with which it shares the same objectives. allows vocational school teachers and apprenticeship trainers, with no particular computer skills, to customise and structure didactic material for their own teaching or training activity, using existing footage and linking it to all sorts of different resources (text documents, images, audio files, ...). It also enables individual learners or groups of learners to insert notes directly into the video.

With respect to Scuolavisione, provides updated and upgraded interfaces, completely redesigned, e.g. allowing the software to be used on tablets and including features not available in the previous project. One feature is automatic conversion of video from whatever format to the one which is required by the new interface in order to proceed with enrichment. Another feature is the possibility of editing the video directly in the authoring tool interface.

Method is mainly a development project. Usability and acceptance issues will be monitored and this project will also benefit from synergies with IV4VET.

Transfer into practice