Quality VET in Switzerland – how and why it works.

The aim of this course is to provide an insight into the functioning of Swiss VET (focus on initial VET) through field visits to companies, VET schools, inter-company courses and career guidance offices.

International VET Consultant

An overview of success factors such as the permeability of the education system, the concept of situated VET, public-private partnership, trained staff and efficiency will give participants a better understanding of the Swiss system.

During the course, participants will be encouraged to reflect on the motivational and attitudinal aspects of systemic design and human interaction in VET. In this way, the possibilities of transfer and adaptation to other contexts than the Swiss context will be considered. 

Course Description

Date & Format

The course will take place from 05 to 08 September 2022 in face-to-face format, including one day at the SwissSkills event (The Swiss championships of the various apprenticeship professions).


Combination of field visits in companies, VET schools, inter-company courses, career guidance offices, SwissSkills and workshops/seminars at SFUVET on situated VET with motivational and attitudinal aspects in VET. 








SFUVET, Zollikofen:

Introduction to the Swiss VET System 


Intercompany course training center Suissetec in Zollikofen 


Swiss Skills, Bern 


Company (apprenticeships retail trade) near Berne 



VET school IDM in Thun 

Career guidance service BIZ in Thun 


SFUVET, Zollikofen: 

Situated VET 


Swiss Skills, Bern 

SFUVET, Zollikofen: 

Debriefing & Wrap up session & (and info certificate) 



*This programme may still be subject to change. 


At the end of the course participants will be able to: 

  • Understand how Swiss VET operates, including experiencing the reality of apprenticeships;

  • Understand the systemic, regulatory and pedagogical success factors of Swiss VET;

  • Experience and reflect the attitude towards the apprentice with regard to motivation and success in learning;

  • Reflect on the possibilities of adaptation. 

Target Group

Officials, VET officers, VET quality officers, VET experts, VET advisors 


Each participant will receive a certificate of participation if s/he accomplishes 80 percent presence. Participants who wish to obtain a full certification can subscribe to the 90-hour certificate. This includes further reading, as well as a report outlining the possibilities for adaptation and implementation in participants’ particular context. 


The cost of the course is CHF 900*. An additional CHF 300 is required for the 90-hour certificate. 

*Costs cover course preparation, implementation, certificates and training materials. Furthermore study visits within the programme of the course. Cost of travel between the participant's home country and the course venue and accommodation is not included.


After successful registration candidates will receive a confirmation and an invoice issued by SFUVET. Participation is guaranteed after full payment of the fees. Cancellation of participation 30 days or more prior to the start date of the course: No penalty. For cancellation 30 days or less prior to the start date of the course 100 percent of the course price is due.


English with a minimum level of B2

Number of Participants

A minimum of 6 participants is required up to a maximum of 16 participants.