OBS SFUVET: About us

The Observatory’s team consists of SFUVET experts.

The Swiss Observatory for Vocational Education and Training OBS SFUVET

  • analyses trends and anticipates future challenges in the field of VET.
  • pays particular attention to the diversity within different professions and occupations.
  • provides insights that set trends for the VET system’s effective and efficient management.
  • identifies innovation potential for VET.
  • is based on previously conducted research and therefore an integral part of SFUVET’s research area 3 «Strategic Planning of VET» activities.

The Observatory’s team consists of SFUVET experts who have long standing experience at the interface of VET research and practice. They possess in-depth expertise, particularly in regard to VET projects of practical relevance. The team is characterised by its broad interdisciplinary background and disposes of diverse methodological knowledge.