Research and Development in VET

scientifically sound knowledge for practitioners

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SFUVET's R&D Division selects its research areas on the basis of strategic objectives, which are set forth in its research agenda: «Teaching and Learning within the VPET System», «Integration in VPET and the Labour Market» and «Strategic Planning of VET». In doing so, R&D researchers pay particular attention to issues related to VPET research and practice, thereby making an important contribution to the analysis, optimisation and further development of the Swiss VPET system at both upper-secondary and tertiary level.

The newly gained knowledge is continuously fed back into SFUVET's basic and continuing training courses, and hence to practitioners. Research findings therefore benefit learners, their teachers and trainers, vocational schools, professional organisations, policymakers within the Swiss VPET system and society as a whole.

SFUVET’s research activities are subdivided into three research areas, devoted to different research fields. In addition, SFUVET monitors VET trends through the Swiss Observatory for Vocational Education and Training. Finally, SFUVET’s Evaluation Unit and one national research field provide complete our offer.