Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) refers to the impact that business activities have on society and the environment. SFUVET is committed to acting in a socially and environmentally responsible way, which is why it established its CSR unit in 2017.

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In order to plan and implement sustainable measures, SFUVET has set up two working groups:

  • Working Group on Environmental Management
  • Working Group on Gender and Diversity Management 

The CSR unit coordinates the activities of both working groups. A sustainability report is published each year in order to increase the visibility of the activities carried out by the CSR unit and the working groups as well as by SFUVET as a whole with regard to environmental and social issues.

Working Group on Environmental Management

The Working Group on Environmental Management handles the environmental (protection) aspects of SFUVET. The aim of environmental management is to ensure that SFUVET is sustainable from an ecological perspective. Sustainable development is a highly topical subject. In the context of this global issue, SFUVET aims to do its bit to assume corporate social responsibility. SFUVET considers it vital to lead by example, particularly given its role as an educational institution.


Working Group on Gender and Diversity Management

The aim of gender and diversity management is to ensure gender equality, staff diversity and cultural diversity, and equal opportunities at SFUVET and to enshrine these in its culture and structures. Staff diversity and cultural diversity refer to the differences between individuals in terms of gender, ethnic origin and social background, sexual orientation, religion and world view, age, and physical and mental capabilities.