Swiss Vocational Education and Training Initiative India (SVETII)

The Quality Assurance Project India (QAP India) QAP India is a follow-up project to the Swiss Vocational Education and Training India Initiative SVETII

The project’s priority objective is to improve the quality of apprenticeship training. SFIVET shares its expertise primarily through the development of basic training courses for apprenticeship trainers as well as advanced training courses for both vocational school teachers and apprenticeship trainers.

  • Project summary

Development and validation of competence profiles (by SFIVET, Swissmem and MSW) and training courses for various categories of individuals: apprenticeship trainers (referred to as instructors in India), training experts (master trainers), examiners (examiners/assessors), and training managers at host companies (VET managers). All of the courses developed locally were tested in India as a "proof of concept".

  • Duration

2015 - 2017

  • Project aims

QAP India was launched in response to the objectives formulated in the IC-VET strategy adopted on 11 March 2014, which include consolidating the achievements of the SVETII project from 2008. It also falls in line with the wishes of Swiss industry for apprenticeship trainers and examiners in India to undergo better quality training (based on the lessons learnt from the SVETII project and the conclusions drawn by econcept in its evaluation of the pilot project).

  • SFIVET expertise

SFIVET contributes its expertise and experience mainly in the development and the implementation of training concepts and syllabuses for instructors, master trainers and examiners.

  • Partners

Like the previous project, QAP India is also funded by SERI and carried out by Skillsonics, in cooperation with the SFIVET, Swissmem and the Metallbauschule Winterthur (MSW)