Digitalisation is changing working life. This development also places new demands on trained professionals. We can help you with this exciting challenge.


One or more of the following questions are being asked within your professional organisation or school:

  • How does digitalisation change our everyday life at work or school?
  • What skills will be needed in the future?
  • Do we provide learners with the basic skills that they require?
  • If digitalisation results in the elimination of jobs, what happens to personnel?
  • Are our digital skills at a high enough level to prepare learners for future digitalisation of work and life?
  • How can we continue to satisfy our customers?
  • Will we still be able to offer a sufficient number of appealing apprenticeship positions in a digitalised world?
  • How can we become an attractive place to learn in a digital world?

Together with you, we examine the potential effects of digitalisation and create the optimal conditions for your digital future.

Digi-Check for professional education institutions

For teachers, the digital transformation means that new didactic concepts have to be developed. For professional education institutions, this means that general conditions for media-based learning must be created, i.e. infrastructure, organisational aspects and administrative processes.

Every professional education institution is different and therefore requires an individual digitalisation strategy and specific support. We work with you to find suitable measures that will enable your professional education institution to develop in the digital arena.

Your benefits:

  • Competent support with a specific reference to your situation
  • Meaningful bases for the development of a digitalisation strategy and corresponding methodological-didactical concept
  • Expertise in teaching with digital media and technologies
  • You benefit from our experience conducting numerous Digi-Checks

Our services:

  • Assessment: What is the level of digital fitness of your institution?
  • Identifying the potential for change in school management and school administration: What can be improved?
  • Describing the potential for change in the teaching and learning process: What is available? What direction does the institution wish to take?
  • Measures for further training and support for teachers: how should they be trained what support should they receive in the use of digital media in the classroom?
  • Overview of further developments in the area of digitalisation
Digi-Check for professional organisations

With new technologies, the digital transformation is changing consumer habits and demand and has increased the visibility of competing offers, among other things. Customers now want more speed, quality and transparency. At the same time, competitors are trying to break into existing markets with innovative ideas and new processes. Those who recognise this trend and react promptly will be able to assert their products and services on the market.

In a workshop, we assess the current situation based on your individual needs and identify future challenges.

Your benefits:

  • Competent support with a specific reference to your situation
  • Evaluation of the opportunities and risks of digitalisation for your industry and your professional activities
  • Solid knowledge and know-how to manage the digital transformation
  • You benefit from our experience conducting numerous Digi-Checks at vocational schools

Our services:

  • Assessment of the current situation with regard to digitalisation of the workplace or within the given economic branch
  • Overview of the job-specific opportunities and risks associated with digitalisation
  • Assessment of the impact of market developments on the occupational field
  • Assessing changes in terms of how they affect everyday working life and the new skills required
  • Developing suitable ways to embrace the digital future