SFUVET apprentices

At SFUVET, we cover the full range of vocational education and training. We have app-renticeships in different fields, which are intended to create prospects for young people and facilitate their transition to working life later on. We also offer the possibility of completing an apprenticeship in commerce for those who also have a keen interest in sports or music.

Are you interested in doing an apprenticeship in commmerce, information technology or mediamatics? Check our website for the latest apprenticeship vacancies. Trial days at SFUVET can also be arranged during the recruitment process or upon request.

Apprenticeships in commerce last three years. During this time, you will work in a variety of workplace training contexts. This will provide you with insight into many different activities and areas of responsibility at SFUVET, including work at the reception desk, in accounting or in HR. This exposure to different working contexts during your apprenticeship will help you to identify the activities that interest you the most and decide what you would like to do after completing your apprenticeship.  

Apprenticeships in information technology last 4 years. Although you will be employed by SFUVET from the start, you will spend your first year of training entirely at the Berufsbildungscenter in Bern, which is the vocational school responsible for the classroom instruction portion of your VET programme. There you will acquire a lot of useful knowledge that you will be able to apply with us in your second year of training, which is when the workplace training portion of your VET programme begins. During this time, you will mainly provide support to SFUVET employees, ensuring that their IT systems and tools are working properly. Your IT skills and customer-orientation will enable you to achieve this. You will be part of an IT team responsible for all three SFUVET campuses (Zollikofen, Lausanne and Lugano). IT team members interact with one another either in English or in their native language. This enables you to also develop your foreign language skills along the way.

Apprenticeships in mediamatics also last 4 years. You will first attend one or more years of training (depending on the vocational school) to acquire solid basic knowledge before applying for an apprenticeship with us. Your vocational school will help you to find a suitable apprenticeship. At SFUVET, you will be assigned to the central press office responsible for all of the information that SFUVET provides bother internally and to the outside world. Interesting tasks await you there. In some cases, you will perform tasks on your own and in others you will be part of a team. Typical tasks include updating SFUVET's internal and external communication channels, designing and producing content for print and digital media and contributing to event planning. You will also interact extensively with internal and external clients for both small and large projects, from the planning phase all the way to completion.

If you are a strong athlete or keen musician, then we also have a suitable apprenticeship in commerce for you. The important thing is your ability to demonstrate your skills or talent. If you quality, we can offer you a four-year apprenticeship in commerce. The content of workplace training has been spread out over 4 years, which gives you ample time for sports or music training during your apprenticeship.

At the Zollikofen campus, all three apprenticeships are available. Only apprenticeships in commerece are offered at the Lausanne campus. The Lugano campus offers apprenticeships in commerce and information technology.