Learning cultures and didactics

The research field «Learning cultures and didactics» focuses on teaching and learning methods that enable an optimum achievement of learning objectives. It includes the analysis of the general conditions in which learning takes place (e.g. typical approaches encountered within the context of workplace training or classroom instruction).

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In Switzerland studies on teaching and learning for the teaching professions in vocational education and training as well as for various occupational fields are needed. This includes their continuous adaptation according to the latest requirements. There is considerable demand for the development of differentiated teaching and learning practices that can be applied to the classroom instruction of VET programmes. New skills requirements on the labour market also require new teaching and learning methods. The idea is to design vocational education and training in a way that also encourages learners to be creative. The main objective, therefore, is to identify new teaching and learning methods that can further this endeavour.

In addition, teaching and learning within the context of workplace training is critical for skills development. Here, we examine the institutional conditions of various Swiss companies and explore the attitudes, values and beliefs of all stakeholders. The aim is to determine how optimal learning conditions can be created at the workplace.