UNEVOC Initiative: Sustainable Tourism in the Digital Age

A group of international experts led by SFUVET – with support from the Paul Dubrule Vocational School in Hospitality & Tourism in Cambodia and the Boma International Hospitality College in Kenya – will address questions relating to the skills required in the tourism and restaurant sectors in a digitised and sustainable world.

First meeting of the experts

SFUVET is leading a group of experts made up of 30 representatives from different continents (Europe, Asia Pacific, Africa) and international organisations. This group will operate within the framework of the ‘Bridging Innovation and Learning in TVET (BILT)’ project which is a peer learning platform aimed at providers of technical and vocational education and training. Together the group will look for solutions to integrate and implement digitalisation and sustainability skills into the tourism and restaurant sectors.

Project overview

With the emergence of digitalisation and the challenges presented by sustainability, the tourism and restaurant sectors need to identify new skills related to their respective occupations. A BILT group of experts, commissioned by UNESCO-UNEVOC, is tasked with identifying trends in digital and sustainable skills. It aims to provide recommendations in the form of good practice examples. The results obtained will be published in November 2023.


1 March 2023 to 30 November 2023


To identify trends and good practices and to provide recommendations on the identification, integration and implementation of skills related to digitalisation and sustainability in the tourism and restaurant sectors.

SFUVET’s expertise

Leadership of the group of experts with the co-leaders, methodological and technical support for publication.