Strategic Planning of VET

This research area «Strategic Planning of VET» of work aims to produce the research results and the knowledge required to manage the vocational and professional education and training system. It is intended, in particular, to use these results to support VET and PET partners in developing the system. Emerging knowledge on the functioning of the system is included in the MSc in Vocational Education and Training as well as in other educational and continuing training courses at SFUVET.

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This research area of research also deals with questions of individual choice of vocation and training, as well as examining training practices among host companies. This involves an analysis of the social processes of integration and exclusion in the area of vocational education and training, as well as of the structures and processes that are inherent to the VET system. This line of research has also been taken up by the Swiss Observatory for Vocational Education and Training, which is responsible for identifying, monitoring and analysing the emerging trends in VET.