Video project: commercial/sport apprenticeships – VET for performance athletes

Filippo Grande is doing his commercial/sport apprenticeship at SFUVET as a performance athlete. In the video he gives an insight into his daily routine, the requirements for a sport/commercial apprenticeship, the application process and the pros and cons of this demanding combination. A video project by Lorin Both and Cédric Dufey, apprentices at SFUVET.

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Performance sport and VET combined

The commercial/sport apprenticeship allows VET to be combined with performance sport. Filippo Grande, a talented young athlete, opted for this path. Filippo fell in love with mountain biking at an early age. The commercial/sport apprenticeship enables him to combine VET with his passion.

In the video the 15-year-old gives an insight into his daily routine. He explains what requirements must be met to get a commercial/sport apprenticeship and how the application process works. He also reveals the challenges of reconciling vocational training, performance sport and his private life in this video.

From idea generation to post-editing, we – Lorin Both and Cédric Dufey, two SFUVET apprentices – made this short documentary.

Firstly, we produced a concept and script and used this content to create a storyboard and then defined a schedule and list of equipment required for filming. A pre-defined timeframe was set for the project.

On the day of filming in November 2023, we accompanied Filippo to various locations – his house, his workplace at SFUVET, his vocational school and the forest.

Once filming was over, the post-editing process began with the video edit, voice-over text, subtitling in French, Italian and English, background music and sound effects.

We hope our video inspires people to do a commercial/sport apprenticeship. SFUVET doesn’t just run these apprenticeships for performance athletes, but also for aspiring musicians.