Implementation vocational education and training

You would like to start implementing your revised VET programme as soon as possible. In line with the federal government's strategic objectives, we provide you with support during all phases of implementation. These services are federally subsidised.

Instructor explaining a control panel to two learners

We share our expertise with you right from the planning stage. We work with you to create the information and training concept. We then help you to develop implementation documents and organise information and training activities. You can count on our support for the entire process all the way until the first qualification procedure is conducted.

Detailed description of our services:

Information and training concept (ITC)

Guidance and support to professional organisations in the preparation of an information and training concept for VET professionals.

Information event on implementation

Planning and execution of kick-off events with VET/PET partners involved in implementation.

Implementation at host companies

Guidance and support to professional organisations with the drafting of VET documentation. The instruments required for this will be developed and use of VET documentation will be introduced.

Implementation at branch training centres
  • Guidance and support to working groups established by professional organisations for the purpose of preparing syllabuses.
  • Support to VET teachers in the preparation of VET school syllabuses (pedagogy, didactics, problem situations, focus on professional competences).
Implementation at vocational schools

Guidance and support to professional organisations with preparation of programmes and competence records for industry courses.

Qualification procedure (QP) with final examination
  • Assistance to professional organisations with preparation of instruction manuals.
  • Training and guidance to authors assigned to draft examination tasks.
  • Evaluation of pilot series of examination tasks.
Meeting to exchange experiences

Each professional organisation will establish its own committee for occupation development and quality (CODQ). Each CODQ will receive support in the planning and organising of workshops to exchange experiences after first qualification procedure.