Advanced pedagogy – new approaches to successful teaching and instructing

This course offers the opportunity to be challenged by a fresh look at what is commonly known as the art of teaching. This is achieved by presenting conceptual keys to innovative pedagogy and didactics in vocational education. The learning of a modern methodology, as well as the development of attitudes to implement quality-based training will be addressed.

Shot of bricklayers at work.
Yuri Arcurs

Awareness of the importance and potential for improvement through high quality teaching and supervision in vocational education and training is gradually growing across nations and continents. As professionals, it is essential to recognise that the utmost efficacy of a vocational training system diminishes considerably when the pedagogical approach and didactic techniques fail to resonate with the learners. In fact, teaching and learning must be thought and conceptualised from the learner’s perspective. This means that new teaching methods that serve the learner must be found and explored to raise effectivity of teaching and instructing.

As a professional, if you are open to this prospect and would like to find out more, we invite you to take a look at the course below and register via our form.

Course details

Date & Format

The course will take place from 10 to 14 June 2024 in face-to-face format. 


Please note that we reserve the right to:

  • amend or cancel courses*
  • change or amend course structure or content

*For cancelled courses, the participants will be given at least two months' notice with an option of transferring to the next course date or having a full refund of the fees.


English with a minimum level of B2

Weekly advanced pedagogy course programme
Target audience

Participants must have experience in teaching and/or instructing or have a current position as a teacher or instructor.


Each participant will receive a certificate of participation if s/he accomplishes at least 80 percent presence. 

A 90-hour certificate of achievement is also possible for participants who wish to do so. 
To obtain this certificate, the participant must meet the qualification requirements (see below under Qualification).


Participants have the choice between a written paper of 12-15 pages submitted to the Head of Module or an oral examination. 


The cost of the course is CHF 900*

In order to obtain the 90-hour certificate, an additional CHF 300 is required for a total of CHF 1200.


*Costs cover course preparation, implementation, certificates and training materials. Cost of travel between the participant's home country and the course venue and accommodation is not included.

Conditions for participation

After successful registration candidates will receive a confirmation and an invoice issued by SFUVET. Participation is guaranteed after full payment of the fees. Cancellation of participation 30 days or more prior to the start date of the course: No penalty. For cancellation 30 days or less prior to the start date of the course 100 percent of the course price is due.