Choice of occupation and apprenticeship market

Swiss dual-track VET programmes rely on a functioning apprenticeship market. The research pursued in this research field 3.1 «Choice of occupation and apprenticeship market» is intended to shed light on the functioning of the apprenticeship market and to draw reliable conclusions for policymakers and practitioners. To this end, statistical and econometric analyses are used to examine processes within the Swiss apprenticeship market, within Swiss full-time school-based VET programmes and within tertiary-level professional education.

Photo for research field 3.1

Research focuses on the role of host companies on the Swiss apprenticeship market, specifically their willingness to offer apprenticeship positions, the corresponding costs of providing workplace training and the benefits that host companies derive from their participation in Swiss dual-track VET programmes. Research also covers the learners themselves. Important topics include the choice of occupation, entry into the labour market, tertiary-level education and training pathways available to holders of vocational qualifications and subsequent career trajectories taken by individuals.