Developing training plans

SFUVET has a methodology that is surprisingly simple and fascinatingly consistent. It enables competences that are relevant to the labour market to be identified and included in a competence-based training plan. This competence-based orientation is made possible by analysing specific work situations and designing training content on this basis. This approach was developed in Switzerland as part of the process to review and revise Swiss VET programmes. It has proven effective in our country and has already been successfully applied in several projects abroad.


1. Transferability

SFUVET’s methodology to create competence profiles and training plans has already been transferred successfully in other contexts abroad. This methodology is easily adaptable to different cultural and economic conditions and can be applied to a wide range of different situations.

2. Methodology

SFUVET’s methodology requires 3-4 one-day workshops to create a competence profile and an equal number of days to show partners how to use this methodology. Although more time is required to develop training plans, this development phase can generally be handled by the partner country or organisation after completion of SFUVET’s two-day introductory course.

3. Objective

The aim is to ensure that partner countries and organisations will know how to create competence profiles that are relevant to the needs of the labour market and that they will be able to design training plans on the basis of those competence profiles.

4. SFUVET expertise

Drawing from its many years of experience working on over fifty different projects to review and revise VET programmes in Switzerland, SFUVET continues to develop training plans at home and abroad year after year.