Education technologies in VET programmes

This research field «Education technologies in VET programmes» is intended to shed light on and explore the role, the benefits as well as the challenges, and the dynamics of technological innovation in facilitating and enhancing teaching and learning in Swiss VET programmes.

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In particular, we focus on the following:

  1. the design, development, implementation and evaluation of technological innovation that supports learning in vocational schools and at the workplace (how educational technologies can be used to facilitate interaction between the three learning locations in Swiss dual-track VET programmes);
  2. the models that may be used for innovation-based education (how and under what conditions educational technologies can make teaching and learning in VET programmes more effective; how to effectively design instructional scenarios that make use of technological innovations), including the skills and competences that both teachers and learners require in order to effectively work with technologies; and
  3. innovation management models (the dynamics and processes of educational technologies: how they arise, are adopted, upscaled, disseminated).