Long term Cooperation with Nanyang Polytechnics

Nanyang Polytechnic, a renowned technical college in Singapore is the competence center for the implementation of the “skills initiative Singapore”. They signed a MoU with SFUVET to develop competencies in the field of in-company training.

Master Coach Singapore 2019

Nanyang Polytechnic (NYP) was commissioned by the Singapore government to provide technical support for the “Skills Future Singapore Initiative”. NYP began looking for a premium partner who could provide the necessary expertise to ensure the quality of workplace training in Singapore. The Swiss Federal University for Vocational Education and Training SFUVET was chosen.

Project summary

On Tuesday, 24 April 2018, Jeanne Liew, Principal and CEO of Nanyang Polytechnic, and Prof. Dr. Cornelia Oertle, former Director of SFUVET, signed an agreement setting out the terms of cooperation.

In July and October 2017, SFUVET taught a first International Master Coach certification course in Singapore with 20 participants. A long-term cooperation agreement now exists between Nanyang Polytechnic and SFUVET. Meanwhile more than 7 course deliveries of a SFUVET expert at Nanyang Polytechnics have taken place. In 2021 there are again course deliveries foreseen as well as a study trip of high-level representatives of the food industry of Singapore and Singapore's public transport system with a focus on company visits. Also, there was a mandate given to Emanuel Wüthrich to have a speech on the topic of training transversal competencies at the workplace at the inaugural workplace learning conference on April 26, 2022. Digitalization will remain a focal point of the cooperation.

Comprised of seven schools, Nanyang Polytechnic enjoys a solid reputation as a learning institution both in and outside of Singapore.


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Project aims

SFUVET delivers courses for in- company trainers and master trainers for in-company trainers, supports the implementation of the skills future Singapore initiative.

SFUVET expertise

Situation based instruction in companies


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