Training of VET actors

SFUVET has many years of experience and expertise in the provision of training to VET actors both in Switzerland and abroad. SFUVET's situation-based approach and situational didactics have proven to be both stringent and efficient in enabling learners to acquire professional competences. Vocational school teachers, branch course instructors and examiners are all trained to use the same techniques in the classroom and during examinations.


1. Transferability

Teaching and learning are influenced by cultural factors associated with a given country, its people and their history. One of SFUVET's strong points is the ability to recognise the proximal development zones of VET actors and to establish and implement corresponding steps for subsequent improvement.   

2. Method

VET actors undergo competence-based training where they learn how to apply aspects in their own practices. Various forms and durations of training can be tailored to suit specific on possibilities and workload.

3. Objectives

Partner countries and organisations learn how to develop and apply situation-based and competence-based principles in the classroom and in corresponding examinations.

4. SFUVET expertise

SFUVET has many years of experience in the provision of training to VET actors. It is able to design and implement training concepts for different levels and different requirements.