Your continuing education and training at SFUVET

We provide training, guidance and support to teachers, trainers and examiners within the Swiss VPET system. We offer evidence-based services for practitioners, taking into account the development and evolution of occupations and contribute to life-long learning.


What we offer you

  • Several decades of experience with the Swiss VPET system
  • Competences that are continuously refreshed and aligned with the latest technologies and research findings
  • A regional presence as well as a national and international network
  • A constant drive to improve service quality to ensure that practices continue to evolve in a sustainable manner

Our areas of competence

  • Teaching and learning within the context of the Swiss VPET system: teaching techniques and methods, courses for part-time teachers, information and communication technologies
  • Pedagogical support and fostering of talent: coaching, case management, integrative measures, courses for apprenticeship trainers
  • Courses in leadership and management within the VPET system: training of deans of schools
  • Examinations and evaluations: examination and evaluation methodologies, validation of non-formal and informal learning (VNIL), diagnostics, assessment/evaluation, training of examiners
  • Advice and orientation in relation to the Swiss VPET system: development of collective and individual competences, pedagogical and methodological training, guidance on institutional projects