Evaluation Unit

The Evaluation Unit develops and conducts evaluations – on its own or in partnership with other experts and partners. We evaluate programmes and projects, measures, concepts educational offers and educational institutions. We also offer advice and support and conduct training courses on evaluation methodologies.

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What our evaluations offer:

  • Do you need a well-founded, data-based and comprehensible assessment as a basis for your reports, decisions and adjustments?
  • Do you want to initiate learning and optimisation processes which are designed by external experts and take account of the internal know-how?
  • Are you  interested in relationships and mechanisms of action which are hard to determine and understand by means of key figures?
  • Do you want to look at your programme, project, your actions or processes from different angles, so as to gain new and also unexpected insights?
  • Do you want a high practical relevance and the involvement of relevant stakeholders and parties concerned to achieve a high level of acceptance of the evaluation and evaluation results?

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Our offer

Our offer addresses different institutions and actors in the field of vocational education at home and abroad: educational establishments, federal and cantonal institutions, non-profit and non-governmental organisations (e.g. foundations, associations, initiatives), professional organisations and project management organisations.

We develop high-quality evaluations for you and carry them out – alone or together with other specialists and partners. We evaluate programmes and projects, measures, concepts, educational offers and establishments.

Advice & Support
We will advise you individually on general or specific questions on the subject of evaluation. We will also support you in carrying out your own (internal) evaluations. In this context the following issues are often dealt with:
• How do you define success and quality and how can they be measured?
• How can evaluations be used for your specific interests?
• How can an already existing evaluation concept be optimised?

We provide you with the necessary basics and assist you in the development of your own evaluation skills for monitoring (mandated) evaluation projects or conducting your own (internal) evaluations.