Labor market oriented formal VET through Public-Private Partnership

In the project Education for Employment @ Macedonia (E4E@mk) implemented by Helvetas Swiss Intercooperation, SFUVET’s main responsibility is to provide backstopping support on institutional level in labor market oriented formal VET through more Public-Private Partnership.

Workshop for Mentors in Companies program improvement, August 2019

North Macedonia has one of the highest unemployment rates in Europe especially among youth. One of the key factors for youth unemployment is that the education and training system does not provide skills needed by the economy. The project addresses the mismatch between the skills provided through the formal and non-formal education and training system and the needs of the economy, thus increasing employability.

Project summary

Main goal of the E4E @MK project is to contribute to more gainful employment of youth and specifically vulnerable groups, in a socially inclusive and sustainable way. The primary beneficiaries are young women and men of all ethnic groups either in transition from primary to secondary education or in transition from education to work, aged between 15 and 29 years.

The project’s main target group includes public and private vocational skills development (VSD) providers, VET schools, companies, relevant institutions including the Vocational Education and Training Centre (VETC) and the Adult Education Centre (AEC), the ministries responsible for formal VET and non-formal VSD, authorities on local level and the Economic Chamber of North Macedonia and its related associations.


03.2018 – 07.2026

Project aims

Youth have access to improved quality secondary VET provided by effective public-private partnership.

SFUVET expertise

SFUVET supports the project on the Outcome 2 “labor market oriented formal VET through Public-Private Partnership” through capacity building for institutions and training of VET actors. This includes workshops and presentations on quality assurance in VET, Public-Private Partnership in Switzerland,the legislation on VET in Switzerland,  improvement of the in-company mentors’ training; as well as the developpement of an online course on blended learning for teachers.


Helvetas Swiss Intercooperation, Macedonian Civic Education Centre (MCEC), Economic Chamber of Macedonia