Period abroad for teaching or training purposes

The Swiss-European Mobility Programme (SEMP) provides tertiary-level educational institutions with financial support for students, teaching staff and administrative personnel to spend periods abroad in Europe for the purposes of study, apprenticeships, teaching or continuing education and training.

Mobility Conference

Staff mobility for teaching purposes (STA)

Promotion of mobility activities for teachers who spend a period abroad at one of their university’s European partner institutions.

Staff mobility for training purposes (STT)

Promotion of mobility activities for academic and administrative staff of universities who spend a period abroad in a European country for training purposes.


Mobility of staff for teaching purposes (STA):

  • The stay must be for 2 to 60 days and must include at least 8 periods of teaching per week or within a shorter period.
  • The mobility activities are based on an inter-institutional agreement. The host university must be accredited or hold the Erasmus+ Charter

Staff mobility for training purposes (STT):

  • The stay must be for between 2 and 60 days. The training takes the form of participation in courses, observation activities in work situations etc. (not conferences with the exception of EAIE).

Combined mobility (STA-C):

  • A teaching visit is combined with a continuing training period, the minimum teaching time per week (or shorter stays) is reduced to 4 periods.


1. Employees of SFUVET must:

  • Find out about the conditions of participation
  • Take note of the documents which must be completed
  • Select a host institution abroad with which they jointly define the objective, programme, duration and period of mobility
  • Request approval from their Head of Division (regional)
  • Send the correctly completed mobility agreement to the mobility  coordination office

2. The mobility coordination office:

  • Checks the content of the mobility agreement
  • After approval, completes the grant contract and sends it to the employee for their signature

3. Employees of SFUVET must:

  • Complete and sign the grant contract
  • Book their flights
  • Send the signed grant contract with proof of payment for the flight/train tickets

4. Finance:

  • Reimburses the employees for the flights directly
  • Makes the payment of the daily amounts set out in the grant contract

5. After the mobility period:

  • The employees write a short final report and sent it to the mobility coordination office.


Flat-rate amounts for each day of work and/or relocation.

  • 1st to 14th day: CHF 170.- per day
  • 15th to 60th day: CHF 80.- per day

Relocation expenses reimbursed based on actual costs (max. CHF 600).