Integration and exclusion processes

This research field 2.1 «Integration and exclusion processes» focuses primarily on integration issues and associated consequences: interruption of education and training, risks of prolonged unemployment and recognition of the fact that integration is not always easy. We explore these issues from a sociological angle and from the perspective of various actors within the Swiss vocational education and training sector.

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Our objective is first to document the level of integration Swiss VET programmes, taking into account early termination of apprenticeship contracts, subsequent trajectories and different vocational pathways (two-year VET, three- or four-year VET). At the same time, and from a more general perspective, the aim is also to examine the school-work transition, in particular the level of occupational integration in Swiss VET programmes and Swiss dual-track VET programmes in particular. Adopting a critical sociological perspective, we examine the constraints inherent to the system itself (e.g. potentially opposing output vs. training mindsets) as well as constraints associated with changes in working methods, which directly affect vocational education and training, particularly workplace training.