Institutional context of Swiss dual-track VET

In our research field 3.2 «Institutional context of Swiss dual-track VET», we examine the institutional characteristics of Swiss dual-track VET programmes, the corresponding effects on the education and training choices of youths and adults as well as their early transition to working life. Institutional characteristics include the structural and cultural design of Swiss dual-track VET programmes. This includes, for instance, the distinction drawn between different types of vocational education and training, the level of standardisation of examinations or informal strategies that companies use to recruit learners.

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Such institutional characteristics influence both the progression of education and training as well as entry into the labour market. They have an impact, for instance, on whether young people succeed in finding an apprenticeship position in their desired occupation, or on whether they successfully complete their VET programme and find employment in their chosen occupational field. Our aim is to identify structural and institutional conditions that influence the education, training and career trajectories of young people.