Implementation of the principles of dual vocational training

The project in Bulgaria aims at the innovative implementation of a system of dual vocational education and training in Bulgaria, in-spired by the Swiss model, with the participation of companies ac-tive in Bulgaria.

SFIVET has dispatched experts to help design both the classroom instruction and apprenticeship training portions of the new VET programs and adapt these to local requirements. In total, 170 companies and 32 schools have been involved and 1'600 apprentices started their dual apprenticeship.

  • Project summary

This project is part of activities carried out in relation to Switzerland’s contribution to EU enlargement and the Bulgarian-Swiss program. The project is intended to help the Bulgarian government to establish a dual-track VET system, similar to the one in Switzerland and designed with the help of Swiss experts.

Greater importance will be given to practical training in vocational schools and the combination of classroom instruction at vocational schools and apprenticeship training at host companies.

This will supply the private sector with more skilled workers who are better able to satisfy the needs of the labor market. Over time, the new VET system will also help to reduce youth unemployment.

  • Duration

2014 - 2019

  • Project aims

The project is intended to establish a model for the development of dual-track VET programs for ten different occupations; build the capacities of Bulgarian stakeholders so that they can implement the new dual-track VET model and expand it to include other occupations; facilitate legislative reforms aimed at implementing the new dual-track VET model; raise the level of public support for VET in Bulgaria.

  • SFIVET Expertise

SFIVET experts provide technical and pedagogical support to this project, particularly through the following measures developing training plans and other implementation documents; providing pedagogical training to vocational school teachers; providing pedagogical training to apprenticeship trainers at host companies; developing qualification procedures (i.e. examinations); providing training to examiners.

  • Partners

SFIVET has received its mandate to work on this project from the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC). It works closely with the Swiss cooperation office in Sofia as well as with the Project Management Unit, which has been tasked with project execution.

The project steering committee also includes representatives of Bulgaria’s National Agency for Vocational Education and Training (NAVET) and the following Bulgarian ministries: Economy; Education and Science; Labour and Social Policy.