How education policy ideas become established internationally

Prof. Antje Barabasch – together with Prof. Sandra Bohlinger and Dr. Stefan Wolf – just published a special issue on the topic: Policy Transfer in Vocational Education and Training and Adult Education in the journal Research in Comparative and International Education. In eight articles, the journal explores how and what nations learn from one another about VET policy. The articles are written by researchers from Switzerland, Germany, the UK, France, Lithuania and Ukraine.

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How are education policy ideas, motives, reforms, strategies and measures shared around the world? Where do they come from and why are they adopted in particular countries? Who learns or borrows from whom? Researchers have long since explored the origins of education policy decisions and strategies and how and why they establish themselves in certain countries. In their articles the authors also look at the global north-south transfer, new role allocations in international policy transfer and how international organisations position themselves in this process. The special issue contains both theoretical articles as well as application-based analyses from individual countries.