New BeLEARN project: Digitalisation and career guidance

The research project aims to analyse existing forms of career guidance, particularly in relation to the use of digital media. It also seeks to determine which digital networking and information options young people use in everyday life and for career guidance, how they do this and what the effects are. On this basis, a pedagogical concept for the design of digital applications will be produced.

Group of teenagers with notebook outside in nature
Adobe Stock/Markus Bormann

Young people’s educational and career choices are heavily influenced by social background (Becker 2016). In Switzerland, over 20% of learners drop out of their vocational apprenticeships prematurely (Federal Statistical Office, 2021) which can also be attributed to poor decisions due to insufficient information. From an education policy and social perspective, a better match between individual inclinations, abilities and interests in relation to career choice is a worthwhile goal.

A research team led by Prof. Dr. Antje Barabasch is exploring how digital media can be used in career guidance for young people as part of BeLEARN. BeLEARN is an initiative supported by the Canton of Berne in which SFUVET and other universities from all over Switzerland and associated partners participate with projects and start-ups on the topic of digitalisation and education.