SFUVET evaluates two newly developed training courses in the canton of Zug

GIBZ has developed two individualised courses in the field of general adult education (ABUi) and training as a healthcare assistant with the Federal VET Diploma (FaGe à la carte). SFUVET is supporting GIBZ on a new project and is analysing how participants rate the courses and where room for improvement lies.

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The individualised general education for adults (ABUi) course was introduced at the end of 2020 and is now running for the third year. Basic general training skills are applied on this course which lasts a semester. It is suitable for adults generally able to organise their training individually and independently. The individualised learning can be carried out at any time and from anywhere via a digital learning platform and is supplemented by classroom-based teaching and appraisals.

‘FaGe à la carte’ was introduced in summer 2022. ‘FaGe à la carte’ is an individualised training format – available at any time and anywhere – for adults with professional experience in the care sector and is aimed at students undertaking shortened healthcare assistant training (article 32) or those doing supplementary training (article 31).

SFUVET is supporting GIBZ with the evaluation of the two courses, focussing on areas of improvement. The key evaluation questions are set out below:

  • How do the students rate the courses?
  • How do teaching staff perceive their own role on individualised, digital courses?
  • What is general adult education (ABUi) graduates’ view of the course in retrospect?