Using digital tools to share patient data: time to change how we think about communication?

Nursing care relies to a large extent on having complete and up-to-date patient data at the right time and place. Digital communication tools can be very helpful in this. In this project, we observe how digital communication tools are being used in real working situations in hospitals and identify areas where additional training may be necessary.

A nurse with a tablet computer talks to an elderly patient in hospital.
Adobe Stock/Gorodenkoff

This project is intended to determine how the use of digital communication tools and clinical information systems affects the sharing of the clinical data of patients and interaction between nursing staff members.

Our aim is to determine whether and to what extent digital communication tools have changed professional communication between nursing staff members.

For this reason, we observe the various ways in which nursing staff use digital communication tools to share the clinical data of patients. We then ask nurses to talk about their experiences. On this basis, we will identify typical situations that are considered important from a technological standpoint and/or in terms of the required professional competences. We will then work with training experts to develop videos based on these typical situations for initial and continuing training purposes. These situations will also be used to develop technological alternatives.

This project is part of the National Research Programme ‘Digital Transformation’ NRP 77 and is carried out as a joint undertaking between SFUVET's Research Field 2.3 ‘Experience and lifelong learning’ and the Swiss Observatory for Vocational Education and Training and the Bern University of Applied Sciences.

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